TONY’s take on museums

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This funky sculpture might catch your eye, on the cover of the new TONY.

This funky sculpture might catch your eye, on the cover of the new TONY.

The cover of this month’s Time Out New York caught my eye: the headline read “Museums: the actually cool guide.” Ahem, clearly TONY is not aware of my blog. But nevertheless, I looked at the online feature of the article, and their many superlative lists were interesting.

For their list of “not-boring museums” they’ve included some of my favorite spots, including places I’ve blogged about: the Met (easy one), Museum of the City of New York, Queens Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, and the Asia Society. Some unexpected–and I admit, for me, unheard of–additions included the Museum of Finance (wonder how morale is over there) and the Paley Center for Media. You’ll definitely learn about some new cultural spots in their list of “NYC’s most underrated museums” too–did you know Williamsburg hosts the City Reliquary Museum? If vintage pasties are in the collection, as the article states, I have a feeling it won’t exactly be a house of saintly remains.

And let us remember to thank TONY for conveniently putting all the “best museum parties, open bars, and more” in one place. It’s a really great list of some fantastic events one should especially take advantage of before the summer is out.

I do admit, TONY has assembled an “actually cool guide.” Crap, is my blog out of business?

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