Oskar Kokoschka at Neue Galerie

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It’s pretty easy to spot those Oskar Kokoschka portraits: emaciated, contorted looking figures, expressive lines that somehow can render a face demented but composed. And that big initialed, mildly ironic signature in the corner: OK. An Oskar Kokoschka painting rarely leaves the impression that everything is “OK.”

Oskar Kokoschka, Rudolf Blümner, 1910, oil on canvas

Oskar Kokoschka, Rudolf Blümner, 1910, oil on canvas

Kokoschka’s portraits and drawings are the subject of an exhibition that opened at the Neue Galerie a few weeks ago. As the recession is finally catching up with exhibition schedules, you may see more museums putting on collection shows–it is a lot cheaper to make an exhibition from one’s permanent collection than spend thousands of dollars on loaned paintings. Focus: Oskar Kokoschka is a selection of the artist’s work from the Neue Galerie‘s permanent collection, which is still very much a treat–with such small gallery space, the Neue usually has a fragment of its illustrious collection on view at any one time, so an assemblage of Kokoschka’s haunting work should be pretty fabulous.

The exhibition is up until October 5.

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