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In Brooklyn, Manhattan on March 2, 2009 at 11:12 am

Just as I am beginning to run out of constructive things to say – at least until I get myself to some more museums and see some more great art – I had a brilliant ideas. People are stuck on Museums being the arbiters of great art – they are a bastion of art history, of talent, of genius. Well – how to artists become museum-artists? Of course they come by way of galleries. 

Some galleries (the really professional and big-money ones at least) have museum quality shows. Only the catch: they’re free! That’s right, if you want to see some Damien Hirst or Cecily Brown head over to Gagosian and you’ll see newer work, in great depth, than you ever will in a museum. You certainly don’t have to buy to go to the galleries shows. And if you’re really smart you’ll start hitting up the openings – where you’re likely to meet some likeminded souls and maybe score some free wine. Check the New York Times for openings and keep an eye out for the Gagosian GalleriesPaula Cooper GalleryMary Boone Gallery and the other big names. 



The Brooklyn Museum

In Brooklyn on January 18, 2009 at 12:02 am

I have been to New York City countless times in my life but I’d never been to the Brooklyn Museum before. Maybe there is something about crossing the East River that lends a bit of inertia or maybe it just doesn’t have as high a profile as the Met or MOMA. Whatever it is, the Brooklyn Museum deserves better, much much better.

I saw the Judy Chicago “Dinner Party” there and it was spectacular. I can’t say that the exhibit was designed particularly well (my friend and I circled about three times before we found the entrance and the educational materials) but the show and the Feminist Art Center was spectacular. It far exceeded my narrow-minded Manhattanite expectations.

In total it was wonderful. There were few people there, the exhibits were well curated and not too jam packed with information and the grounds are great. I have a special place in my heart for Brooklyn and now the Brooklyn Museum only solidifies that place. After we’d seen the Dinner Party we finished up with the Feminist wing and then saw a ridiculously huge exhibit by Gilbert + George. It was far and perhaps even good, if that sort of art suits your fancy. Otherwise I was a bit underwhelmed by the remaining special exhibitions. I hope to return again soon and spend more than an hour or two perusing the offerings.

The best part: $8 (suggested, ha!) entrance fee. Why go to the Met and pay a $20 (suggested) fee when you can go to Brooklyn, bypass the crowds and see some fabulous art.