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Bermuda Glass-Blowing

In Tropical Locations on February 20, 2009 at 10:08 am

So I was in Bermuda for the long-weekend (thus, the long silence on this end) and came across some interesting art and museums. While this isn’t a museum in the strictest sense – in that there is no admission, no tours, art is for sale, etc. – it is still VERY cool and something I’ve never seen before. 

You walk into this large factory-like space down at the dockyards on the west end of the island. I discovered after seeing the space that this was infact an old ship workshop. Someone, with the help of monstrously large pulleys, would hoist a boat into this space and hang it by the rafters. They’d then make repairs, etc. on the boat until it would then be lowered down again and set to sea. Anyway, this space clearly hasn’t been used in this way in quite some time. There is now a glass-blowing “factory” (if you can call two women blowing glass a factory) here. I’ve never seen glass blown before so this was particularly cool for me. We sat there for maybe 30 minutes watching these women create an elaborate bowl in a mix of colors. They had two HOT (and I mean 2700 degrees hot) kilns and a bunch of sticks lying around. Somehow they managed to use all this to create some pretty fancy dinnerware. 

Now the pieces are more utilitarian than artsy so I don’t want any of you to be disappointed if you’re looking for some really conceptual work, but the skill it takes to make these things is pretty fantastic. I would highly recommend check this place out if you ever find yourself in Bermuda (and I hope that you will because it is such a fantastically beautiful place like I’ve never seen before – we’re already planning our return).